Kathy Valler

  Born and raised in beautiful Aotearoa,
New Zealand.
  Yoga literally saved and turned my life around in 1991 after suffering from kidney failure, living on dialysis and dealing with the grief of loosing my son at birth.
   It is often when we are completely tipped out of our realities that we become so open to change.  Not only did it help me recover physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually also. 
  Grounding me into the present, creating the flexibility to live in a constantly changing environment, and giving me the strength to carry on when life pulls out the challenges.
  By 1999 I had completed my Hatha Yoga teacher training with IYTA NZ. 
   The journey really then began with a new level of conviction.
  In 2006 whilst studying Thai massage and reflexology in Thailand I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. A light bulb moment.  My personal practice transformed.  It has been said that it is the path of excelled growth and transformation and certainly life began to change at a far more rapid pace. Every practice encouraging me back to my true nature, one by one breaking down conditioning that no longer were serving me to reach or life to my full potential. 
2016, I traveled through American - participating and working at Sat Nam Festival in Jousha Tree. Exploring all sorts of amazing centers, meeting teachers, collecting ideas and being inspired to bring back some of the things I experienced to New Zealand and share.
Most recently I completed more yoga teacher  training with the Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.
Visiting India was soul food.
Any "I" I have ever owned come up to meet me there.  If I thought I was generous  . . . then India asked me How generous ?
I am passionate to share with you what continues to helps me daily to be healthy, happy and holly, so please join me even if it is just to sit down and chat I would love that.
  "I feel that there is no greater gift that I can give than being able to share the wisdom, teachings  and practice of YOGA"