with Kathy Valler

Kundalini & Gentle Hatha

Yoga Private Tuition


''You opened a new door in my life! I love your clear and passionate way of teaching. You are an inspiration.''
Namaste' 🙏


Private Tuition

What can I expect ?

> 6 x 60mins 

One to One teachings - (1 per week for 6 weeks).

This is our time together to work at building you a great foundation that meets your specific needs.  No matter your age, sex or personal limitations Kundalini Yoga is for everyone, designed for the householder.  

It doesn't matter where you begin all that matters is that you begin.

> 4 x per week;

   Tuesday to Friday you will have a virtual live sudhana (spiritual practice)

   6.30am to join in on.

If you miss live session, you will have the ability to stream it at your leisure anytime over the 6 weeks.

> Constant access to an online private stream of resource material;  lectures from spiritual teachers, mantras, and personal challenges. 

>  Access to down load my personal Yoga Nidra recordings.

Guaranteed to be a can opener for your mind, to build physical strength and resilience and be absolute  medicine for soul.

                 all for only $480


Here's a little idea of what to expect when you come along to a Kundalini yoga class with me  . . .

Kundalini Yoga from Anna Hickman on Vimeo.

Music by Maya Fiennes - www.mayaspace.com

Whilst I was away in India
 I recorded a class for my students to remain inspired and continue your Sadhana (daily Spiritual practice). 
This video is most suitable and is shared freely for those of you who have been coming along to class, it is not recommended for a complete beginner.  Please read my cautions on the Vimeo clip before you begin.
It is not edited in any way as you will soon discover it is a simple recording done from my ipad as it happened for us on Tuesday 25 - 10 -16. 
Still dedicating my practice to the Manipura chakra,
this set of kriya's as taught by Yogi Bhajan is called "Adjusting your navel center" followed by a meditation for  the 3rd Chakra.